Patient Pouches

We, the moms of Tyler and Brayden, began this organization with Patient Pouches in mind. Our sons were treated at Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia. The surgical center where they would go for their EUAs (exams under anesthesia) was aimed at adults with a very limited selection of toys for kids.

" . . . We knew that we wanted to somehow provide young cancer patients a distraction from all the waiting and give them something fun to do . . . "

Included in the Patient Pouches are lots of fun activities aimed at all different age ranges. Patient Pouches are intended to be used only at appointments that the children may have, whether they’re receiving chemo, going into surgery, or just sitting in the waiting room.

Having a special Patient Pouch filled with fun activities for them to play with only when they’re at appointments will help the time pass by and make the toys extra special.
  • Patient Pouches Application

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