Brayden Bateman

Brayden was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma on April 15, 2009 at 2 weeks old and started chemo at 20 days old.

Brayden has endured an uphill road to get to where he is today. 9 tumors (6 in his left eye and 3 in his right eye), 3 cysts in his brain, 9 rounds of systemic chemo, a radioactive plaque, chicken pox in the middle of chemo, multiple hospital admissions for fever, 3 surgeries to place / remove ports and central lines, 13 MRIs, two seizures, 21 EUAs and laser eye surgeries.

Brayden has fought chronic infections after chemo due to a compromised immune system the past 3 years and is beginning treatment to hopefully fix what the chemo damaged while saving his life, his eyes and his vision. Brayden’s most recent EUA in September 2013 revealed that all of Brayden’s tumors are stable and he has 20/40 vision in his right eye and 20/80 vision in his left eye.

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